Hanging Rock 48" x 64" (Acrylic & Oil)

FourBay Lakes 64" x 48"

Eno River 52" x 42"

Mount Mitchell 48" x 64"

Carolina Beach 40" x 30"

Fort Macon 30" x 40"

About The Artist

Robert Johnson lives in a a land-trust community in the mountains of North Carolina where he has live for the last 43 years. Every other year he takes a trip to see the natural environment in other parts of the world. He has extensively documented wilderness areas both domestically and abroad, including the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail, National Parks of the Northwest, Alaska, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

The Robert Johnson Color Chart Method

Robert Johnson has perfected a method of using color charts while out on location to help simplify and speed up the usual progress of matching colors used in his work to the natural colors he sees in the objects of his work.  This not only saves time, but allows him to spend more time enjoying his natural surroundings while providing him with the information he needs once back in the studio to reproduce the colors of nature in his works.